New Russian Submarine Can Launch Nuke-Carrying Drones

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Russia is about to begin testing the “Belgorod,” a nuclear submarine that would be the largest on the planet — and able to launching six thermonuclear warheads.

When the Belgorod was first reported again in 2017, it was anticipated that the vessel would endure analysis missions, in accordance with The Barents Observer. As an alternative, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced final month that the submarine will carry six deep-sea Poseidon drones — every of which, terrifyingly, can shuttle a nuclear missile throughout the ocean deep below the floor.

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Final month, the Russian army posted a video of the submarine Sarov launching a Poseidon drone, although The Barents Observer experiences that it’s unknown precisely the place the take a look at passed off.

The Belgorod will first be deployed earlier than summer 2019, in accordance with Russian media, after which it’s going to endure a yr’s price of assessments to enter energetic obligation in 2020. In the meantime, a second submarine dubbed “Khabarovsk” will start assessments in 2020 with the objective of being goal prepared by 2022.


The Poseidon drone can journey a full kilometer beneath water degree, making it tough to detect and cease as soon as its deployed. And that degree of stealth — particularly when it’s tipped with a lethal nuclear bomb — has different nations involved.

“It’s worrying that nations are creating new nuclear capabilities,” Ine Eriksen Søreide, Overseas Minister of Norway, instructed The Barents Observer.

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